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Creatine For 16YO Beginner?


I have a question about creatine usage. First of all, I realize it is beneficial to gaining weight and bulking up, but from what I have read it does this by helping your muscles retain water and that if you stop using creatine your muscles will in a sense "deflate."

So basically my question is .. would you reccomend creatine for a 16 year old beginner like myself, and if so would this be something I would need to continue virutaully continuosly inorder to not encounter that "deflating" effect that stopping usage brings?


I don't see any harm in taking it. It's completely safe, even for a 16 year old. If you do not want any water retention, get a buffered creatine like CEE or something.

Though I recommend just taking 3-5mg of creatine monohydrate everyday post workout. There's no need to cycle. Monohydrate is dirt cheap.