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Creatine Expiration Date

My friend recently gave me about 1kg of leftover creatine that he had and will never use. Thing is, it has this expiration date on the back of June 2001. So, does creatine (just powder) go bad? Or was this some “sell by” date that GNC just put on the packaging?

You should be fine. Assuming he wasn’t storing his creatine in either extreme heat or cold, it honestly shouldn’t be effective.

While I do believe creatine does have a shelf-life, I personally feel that it is much longer than what companies are required to place on the packaging. I've used older creatine with good results.

Use this for a few weeks, and if you really don't notice anything, at that point throw it out. No harm in trying.

Hope this helps.

Awesome. He’s had it at our office for a while now, so I think it’s been in fine conditions. Just stored away in a desk drawer.