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Creatine Experiment

I’m going to try Creatine HCL. I think I make a good subject. I don’t change exercises. I know exactly what I can lift for reps, and, at my age, that hasn’t changed much in a long time. So, if the creatine has any benefit, I should notice the difference.

I’ll try 5g daily.

I’ll report back…



Should be interesting!

I m interested too in that experiment.
Keep us posted.

So it’s been one day already, are you way stronger yet?

Reference lifts for this experiment are:

Skater squat (from down on one knee, stand up on one leg): 100kg (220lb), currently at eight reps.
Floor dumbbell press: Pair of 50Kg (110lb) dumbbells, currently at seven reps.

Creatline HCL tastes bad, like vinegar mixed with a cup full of salt.

I only started three days ago and already the scales say my weight has increased nearly 1kg, or around 2lb. This, I understand, is retained water.

Patience homie. I have been lifting the same DBs for so long I just leave them on the floor in front of the TV…

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Update. Floor press: pair of 50kgs, seven reps plus one, kind of an eight, where I pause a few seconds and then I promise to buy myself a V8 if I can make just…one…more…rrrrrrrep. Still, felt quite good.