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Creatine Experiment

I’m going to try Creatine HCL. I think I make a good subject. I don’t change exercises. I know exactly what I can lift for reps, and, at my age, that hasn’t changed much in a long time. So, if the creatine has any benefit, I should notice the difference.

I’ll try 5g daily.

I’ll report back…



Should be interesting!

I m interested too in that experiment.
Keep us posted.

So it’s been one day already, are you way stronger yet?

Reference lifts for this experiment are:

Skater squat (from down on one knee, stand up on one leg): 100kg (220lb), currently at eight reps.
Floor dumbbell press: Pair of 50Kg (110lb) dumbbells, currently at seven reps.

Creatline HCL tastes bad, like vinegar mixed with a cup full of salt.

I only started three days ago and already the scales say my weight has increased nearly 1kg, or around 2lb. This, I understand, is retained water.

Patience homie. I have been lifting the same DBs for so long I just leave them on the floor in front of the TV…

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Update. Floor press: pair of 50kgs, seven reps plus one, kind of an eight, where I pause a few seconds and then I promise to buy myself a V8 if I can make just…one…more…rrrrrrrep. Still, felt quite good.

Update. Off sick for a week, but had been lifting regularly. Got to 8 reps last night on DB floor press, without promising myself the V8. Weight up to around 91Kg (200lb) from 88Kg, on pretty much the same diet that had me at a stable 88kg, still with some visible-ish abs. I feel very slightly stronger.

Still, too early to say much. If I get to a good nine reps, I’ll be very happy. I’ll let you now.


Hah, very slightly. Fun word choice there.

Well, nine reps. That wonderful feeling when some little fairy flaps her wings under that last rep to make it just possible. We won’t call that fairy “Creatina” yet until I get to ten though. Single leg lift is at ten reps, but I had been there before. Weight steady now at 90kgs (198lb).

EDIT: Looking back on my last post, I’d said that if I got nine I’d be happy, so, I guess I’m happy…WOOHOO

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You went from “kinda 8” to definitely 9. So that is either the power of the Fairy Creatina, or simply the belief in her. Either way works.

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