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Creatine Experience

Just wondering what types of creatine any of you have tried. Any specific brands that work better than others or are all of the adertisements bullshit? If just taking it, i should mix it with grape juice and heat it a little but right? thanks

I specially like a glycerol-phosphate type creatine. Ive tried Metabolic Nutritions version and also ANSI’s. Both worked great, no cramping or tight muscles, no water retention, and no bloated or smooth look. Strength was great while on as well. I stick to those two since they worked great.

Da Boxer

Hey, Bobo, check out the “Search” on the left of your screen. That’ll provide tons of information.

To get you started: Creatine Monohydrate; good, well-known, reputable brand name; though not necessary, maltodextrine, sucrose, or dextrose from a post workout drink like Surge, or even something like Powerade, to spike the insulin and shuttle the creatine into the muscles more rapidly; don’t worry about warming it.

Hell, Bobo, forget the search. I already told you everything.