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Creatine Ethyl Ester


Forgive me if this has been covered, but I used the search feature and did not find the results i wanted. Creatine Monohydrate provided no results for me, and I have read that CEE sometimes works for non-responders. However, my question is what particular brand of CEE should i invest in?

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CEE, by virtue of dissolving well in water, might minimize some of the bloating effects that a few people have with mono. Sadly, this effect does nothing at the muscle level, which is where the non-responder "problem" seems to lie.


When saying it does "nothing at the muscle level," do you mean simply nothing more than mono does, or is it somehow inferior to mono in aiding the muscle? I have given CEE a try and while I must say, I feel no "bloat" at all, I do not feel the same water volumizing effects in my muscles that I did when I was on mono. I have been wondering, since it seems the main selling points of CEE is preventing side effects, if you are getting a product that might not be as effetive.


No, CEE should be as effective as long as you're taking the same equivalent dose of creatine.

Thanks for helping me clarify!


So in other words, if regular Mono doesn't work for me, I am a non-responder and out of luck.

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Does anyone know of even just one study that shows the effectiveness of CEE, with that study not being done on monohydrate? Even though CEE may be able to be more easily absorbed, the main issue is whether or not the EE molecule can be cleaved from the Cr molecule, thus making it effective. I wouldn't waste my money on something that may, or may not work, at least based off of science.


CEE is far too new for any such study, but it will never be conducted, due to the inherent flaws with such a supplement.

Early cleavage of the EE is but one major flaw, but by no means the "main issue". Even with the EE it's not entering muscle any differently than mono. Be thankful for this, otherwise CEE would kill us.