Creatine effects

Hi everyone. I just started taking creatine again after a few years off when I first started lifting. I don’t remember getting much from it (I was using Phosphagen HP).

I decided to give creatine a try again. This time around I am just using plain micronized creatine from HDT. I wasn’t really loading, just taking about 10g a day.

My first week there was a noticable difference. I got swole, put on about 8 pounds (of water weight)and an increase in reps.

However since then (this is like my fourth week) , I don’t feel the pump anymore and look a little flat (but the bodyweight remains).

Another funny thing is, I haven’t been getting DOMS (soreness)at all.

Can anyone explain what’s going on?

yes an expert could explain this, unfortunatly I am but a monkey who fell off a tree for millions of years then somehow evolved the ability to walk up right and so on. As I like hearing myself type (clack clack sound of my keyboard is sweet) I shall relate my creatine expriences. For some reason it helps me break thru plateus (strengh plateus) I don’t seem to gain much water weight from ems (I take it about 8 grams only after workouts with whey shake), I don’t know whether its phsychological (my guess) or what but after I take it all of a sudden I can load up a bit more. So maybe you are the same way, and it was in yer head, as far as looking flat and the pumps. Also you could also try cycling and seeing how it affects ya.

What is ems?