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Creatine Effect


My doctor informed me that a lot of the atheletes in high school he has seen using creatine usually develope some belly fat during the cycle. I wanted to know if this is true with most of the users out there. I dont doubt my doctor because he is a really smart guy but any comments on this statement would be great.


There is absolutely no reason/physiological mechanism by which creatine could possibly cause this. The kids probably just start eating more in an effort to bulk up and go overboard.



Exactly. Would you develop belly fat from eating beef? Hell no. Beef has creatine, and as far as I know, it hasn't been blamed for causing obesity just yet (well, at least not by people who actually know what they're talking about).


Someone posted a while back that they get a pouch of blubber on the belly when they use creatine and I sort of agreed. But I think its not adipose tissue its impurities in certain brands of creatine causing subcutaneous water retention rather (but as well as) than cell volumising.


Creatine alone with water then no fat gain wouldn't be of concern. But if you plan on using creatine the way it's supposed to with high GI carbs(75-100 grams) and possibly a loading phase then yes it could and will cause some insignificant fat gain. Is 1 or 2 pounds of fat worth 10-12 pounds of muscle to you? I'd sure hope so.


I get what you mean about the cell volumizing. Another thing though is after you have gotten off the creatine it is true you lose a lot of the water weight right? But the muscle that you have gained while on creatine stays with you so no matter what your going to look stronger/bigger than before you started, right?


It's one of three things:

1) Guys think they're gonna gain 10 pounds so they eat a lot
2) Guy is on a bulking cycle which is why they're using creatine and they put on fat b/c of the bulking cycle
3) OR...b/c of too much creatine or low quality creatine or poorly mixed creatine (not disolved in solution), the creatine doesn't absorb well in the gut and therefore there is localized bloating.

One of those three definitely answers your question. SO in other words, there's nothing to worry about!


I actually just bought some ISS 100% pure creatine monohydrate today, how do I make sure its properly mixed so it is absorbed like you were saying? just in some water or something?

I dont have to worry about the 1st two because I am dont eat more that 20g of carbs a day. Also at the store I purchased it from the guy told me i should take it even on days when I dont workout at the same time, can anyone explain to me why I should do this?