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Creatine During a Cut

I am trying to lose some fat for the summer. I take creatine and I was wondering if I should stop using it during this time? I’m not sure if it affects fat loss one way or the other.

I would recommend staying on it, to help preserve your strength and muscle mass.

I don’t think it has much of an effect in regards to hindering fat loss, or actually using fat as a fuel source. If it reduces this effect at all, it is probably much to small to have any perceivable negative impact on your results unless you’re dieting for a bodybuilding competition, where every .01% helps.

Even then, if it helps you retain more muscle size and strength the positive metabolic effects of this would result in better body composition than dropping creatine.

I’m referring to regular powdered creatine, not creatine + 8 billion carb transport systems.

newdamage is right , I don’t see any reason to get off creatine either, besides cutting for a competition.

From what I’ve read on another very reputable site, there’s been more recent studies showing no reason to cycle creatine any more.

It was previously thought that your body might have a hard time making it on it’s own if it’s supplemented, but like I said, it’s been disproven.

Plus, it doesn’t make you retain water the way too much sodium would, it’s intracellular water retention (which is different/better but I don’t remember all the details).

Thanks for the info.