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Creatine Dosing

I’ve seen creatine monohydrate products recommend 5 grams per day. I’ve seen a creatine glycerol phosphate product recommend 30 grams per day for someone between 175 and 200 pounds in body weight. Any input as to the proper dosing?


I usually take 0.3g/kg of Bodyweight while loading up and between 0.1-0.15g/kg while maintenance.

Hope this helps!

30 grams seems quite high, I would say stick to around 5-10 grams if you load and about 5 grams for maintainance. This should work good unless your a ways over 200 lbs.

Maybe this particular company recommends higher dosing because of the type of creatine - creatine glycerol phosphate. Bill, do you have an opinion?

What is the best way to cycle creatine? Number of weeks on and number of weeks off?