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Creatine Dosages


I'm 175lbs (80kg) and I've recently bought some creatine but I don't know how much I should take each day and on training days. Also my brother's going to take it and he's around 140lbs (64kg), can anyone please help out? I've heard of 13-17 grams for 175lbs (80kg) for loading phase but is that throughout the day or just one serving?


No loading. No cycling. 5 g/day post workout. 5g on non-workout days.


CT recomemnds 25 grams a day split up into 5 different doses. Add glutamine and bcaa's to it if you have them.


Wtf? 25 grams a day? Maybe if you want to look like a marshmallow-man with all that water retention, or if you have ~250 pounds of LBM.


i take 3 grams a day pw and dont take it on non workout days.


Good ref:


You can go on higher doses during tough training periods.

Creatine hydrates from inside the muscle fibers. Not same as the bloat you get from using some anabolics. You will not get the puffy look.


It's effect is dose dependent to a point. While muscle mass is a big contributor, even some big guys see the benefits at only 3-5g/day. I'd recommend starting at 5 w/o loading and tweak dosage from there. Same for your bro, though get him eating too.