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Creatine Dosage?


I was reading another thread, and an article posted by Barr:


I was kinda confused by the bottom line of how much a typical person would need to consume(on workout and non-workout days) to maintain creatine levels.

In the article Barr said 3 grams for a resting 220 pound person. So does that mean for those of us who weigh close to 175(ie me), we only need maybe 2-2.5 grams on resting days?


i take 2.5g 2x a day & weight 155lbs...


Just take a teaspoon a day and don't sweat it.


Its cheap, use as much as you want.

For what its worth, I take 20-25 grams a day. I take mine with my post-workout shake,usually 15 grams with either Surge or a Leucine/Glycine/Glutamine/Whey combination, and then I take it multiple times throughout the day, 5 grams at a time, with 10-15 grams of branched chain amino acids and 10 grams of glutamine between meals. Placebo effect or not, I am the strongest and leanest I have ever been doing this.

Is it overkill? Maybe.
Is it working better for me than taking 3-5 grams once daily? Yes.


I used to do the "standard" method/doseage of creatine.
You know the 20g a day for 5-7 days then 5g a day therafter for maintence.

But then I read an artciel from Ian King. He talked about a guy who recommend taking:
wk1: 5-10g a day
wk2: 10-20g a day
wk3: 20-30g a day
wk4: 30-40g a day
wk5: 30-40g a day
wk6: 20-30g a day
wk7: 10-20g a day
wk8: 5-10g a day

Do you see a pattern?
I got MUCH better results with this method!!!!

How is 20g a day initially a loading phase? That seems like just a shit load of creatine initially. I see no loading. Loading should be increased in small-medium amounts. By taking 20g a day when you have not taken any creatine just prior this is an overkill. Your setting yourself up for "GI"! By increasing the dose over a weeks times, you are loading. And I ? this too--> If you load with 20g a day, how is 5g a day maintence?

Not here to reply or support my rationale to my technique that I have learned from Ian. Just sharing the fruits of his knowledge. Think about it though.

I believe Ian talks about this somewhere in Get Buffed I and in Ask the Master. He also has an e-book about creatine and supplements.


I take 5g 2x a day & weight is 155lbs... Only on workout days (4x a week).

I read a lot about Creatine and the 'research' shows results are best when just taking 5g after workout for the average man. Loading (20g) was found found not to be better but it just took a couple of weeks less to notice the benefits.

But its cheap! So take more if you want and see how it goes.

Best supplement (bar protein powder) there is. Worked for me anyway.