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Creatine, Don't Get Much From It


I just don't seem to get much from Creatine. I go 5 weeks on and take two weeks off, and I drink a gallon of water a day. I have used Champion Nutrition and SixStar Cratine. When I first used creatine my weight went up 3 lbs in one week, that was the first time using it.

Now when I come off my two weeks off and start using again, no weight gain at all, and my strength is the same even after the 5 weeks on. I take it after my workouts only.


Why are you cycling creatine?


I've heard on no-responders before that just dont get any benifit from creatine...maybe you are part of that small percentage. The 3 lbs. is water retension so i wouldn't stress over it.


They say on the back of the bottle to cycle it, should I stay on it all the time.


If you're not responding to it, you won't see results from it either way. However, there is no physiological reason to cycle creatine.


Pure creatine monohydrate should work for you. Cycling is counter-productive though. Take 15-20g of it for 2-3 days and then take 5-10g per day after that, every day. If you stop using it for a week or two, you'll have to load again. Drink it with fruit juice that has a high sugar content (at least 25g per serving) so that you absorb it quicker. The body generally tends to absorb nutrients better after a workout so take it right afterwards. Aside from possibly being absorbed more efficiently, it doesn't really matter when you take it in relation to your workout since you are essentially just taking it to maintain an elevated level of it in your bloodstream.


yeah i cant say i get much from it either exept it tasted good when i lift. other than that i kinda hate the shit i got cuz im sick of powder. im buyin pills