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Creatine, Dextrose, TIming


Ok ive got a question for anyone who knows a bit about taking creatine. I recently bought dextrose, and have been adding 50grams to my 5grams of creatine post-workout. Ive heard that you should take the dextrose immediately post-workout, and the creatine 30 minutes after because this is when your insulin should spike. Anyone know if theres truth to this? or if there is a better method?

Also, if any, how many grams of dextrose should I add in the morning to my creatine? I take 5grams in the AM, and 5 pwo


i know some people, mostly people with money to waste, take about 10g of creatine a day but i think youre probably good with 5g a day pre or post workout. take the creatine with the dextrose in your pre or post workout shake. its not rocket appliances.


Doesn't fucking matter. If you care so much about insulin, take it with some food.


Yep, I only take around 3 grams post w.o. and I do just fine.



you worry to much OP. just take it


Your body will eventually build up to saturation levels no matter how/when you take it.