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Creatine Cycles - how long?



 What should a creatine cycle look like for body building?  2 months on, 2 months off?





Creatine does not need to be cycled.


Creatine is a pretty serious drug, bro. Are you sure youre ready for it?


Yeah man, watch out for the roid rage and acne.


I dont understand why people are ripping on the OP for asking a simple question.

Take 5 grams a day and don't worry about cycling. On the days you train take it with your post workout shake/meal. On days you don't take it with your highest carb meal.


You may as well quit the internet then.


Thanks for the input. I'm not new to the internet so my feelings aren't hurt by the responses. I took a 10 year layoff from lifting. Creatine was the new supplement back then and people were cycling it on an off. There was some concern about whether or not regular doses would damage the body's ability to produce it.

From what little I'd read recently, it looked like people were still cycling it, but with longer periods on. Yeah, these guys can laugh all they want, but people have died using creatine. It's hard to maintain lean body mass when dead......you know, not being able to eat and stuff.

Thanks again.





are you trolling? be honest now.


65 years on, 1 week off.


Bonez, how old are you? This was pretty prevalent in the news in the late 90s. People still weren't very knowledgable about the side effects of creatine use as a supplement. A handful of deaths had occurred among wrestlers and football players. The wrestlers were from the weight cutting and the football players during summer football camp.

The issue was related to water retention and heavy exertion in hot conditions.

Sorry, I just like to know what I'm putting in my body and the benefits/side effects that come along with it. Maybe its because my wife and I work in the pharmaceutical industry, or maybe its because I'm a big pussy. Its hard to tell.


My age has nothing to do with the fact that youre 100% unequivocally wrong about people dying from creatine.

There is creatine in goddamned red meat and youre trying to spew some bullshit about it DIRECTLY KILLING PEPOLE?

Ignorance is not an excuse. Youre absolutely wrong. Do more research.

Find one case where an autopsy found 'over consumption of creatine' as a cause of death. Or soemething similar. We'll wait...





sorry i was gonna post a witty reply but it's hard to ONCE YOU'VE DIED FROM CREATINE


Those wrestlers died from dehydration, taking cutting weight too far. Creatine doesn't kill people. Higher creatinine levels from creatine use is not dangerous, just use cystatin c as a kidney function marker instead and you'll see that creatine use has no effect on kidney function. If you work in the pharmaceutical industry you should know this.

A lot of people die in their sleep... I better stop sleeping.


I think the case in question involved kids who happened to be taking creatine when they got fucking rhabdomyolysis from having a stupid coach that didn't make sure they had enough water for the training they were doing in the heat they were doing it in. Not creatine's fault. No, I don't have a link, but yes you have the fucking internet.


LOL, stop it you're killing me.


sounds like they were doing crossfit


OP, you have taken 10 years off from bodybuilding, while Bonez has not. Therefore, it's safe to say that he is pretty up to date when it comes to the safety and effectiveness of these supplements. Especially, creatine.

The deaths that you're mentioning, was pretty big news in the industry and creatine was not to blame.