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Hey guys, What is the rate that creatine is broken down to creatinine in solution. Is it a matter of hours or days/months? I know that many people recomend avoiding pre-made creatine/coolaid concotions due to the fact that the creatine levels are often lower than indicated on the label because it has broken down to creatinine. If i mix my pre/post workout shake up in the morning before I go to uni (I train durring my breaks) how much of the creatine will still be creatine in 6 hours time?

Well this all depends. If you are mixing your creatine with a fruit juice (acidic) the breakdown of creatine to creatinine will be relatively rapid. In water this conversion is lessened but still somewhat present. I would suggest that you not go any longer than 2 hours prior to taking your creatine drink (6 hours is too long). That said, prepare your normal pre/post workout shake “sans creatine” and rather have a dosage of creatine in a small container so that you can add the creatine right before your workout. It’s a really simple solution.

Thanks for that. So if i mix it at the start of a training there will be no problem by the end…cool. I will definetly take it in a seperate container. Thanks again