Hey, I just went to GNC today, first time ever buyin Creatine. I bought it from Ultimate Nutrition, its called Creapure (micronixed creatine monhydrate), under it says Biovolumizing.

I haven’t used it yet and wont until next week probably. I was just wondering if anyone’s ever tried this. I read a bunch of David Barr’s articles and they were quite interesting and I think I’ll go by the 3g/day rule. Perhaps on my intense lifting sessions do 5g’s a day, and then on my off days 3g’s a day.

What I don’t understand is the loading cycle. It only says take 1 serving, two times a day, evenly spaced on an empty stomach.

That mean’s 10g’s a day, which from reading Barr’s articles I wouldn’t need to. I’m guessing I can just keep using it until the bottle is done and won’t have to “cycle” because of the lower usage I’ll be using (3g’s off days)and such. Anyways what do you all think of that, anyone else have any reccomendations?

I’ll also be using some sodium in my drink, it said in the article to do so n such. Anyways hit me back.

I also got a free ultimate nutrition t-shirt and a free bottle sample of Kre-Alkalyn Creatine (30 capsules), sweet deal.

I’d also like to add that I would be taking it post workout. And am wondering if this is the only time in the day I should be taking it, from what I read from Mr. Barr, that’s the best time. I was wondering though perhaps before breakfast in the morning?

Creatine has been around too long for anyone to be confused about it, especially on a site like this. You can “load” creatine if you want to.

It is not a requirement. It doesn’t matter what time of day you take creatine. Everyone can speculate on when they think is best and the truth is, it matters very little especially for someone supplementing it daily. You are making this way more complicated than it has to be. Take 3gr or take 5gr. It won’t matter in the long run because your body can only hold so much at a time regardless.

It would also make sense that larger bodybuilders may benefit from more than smaller bodybuilders. I simply add it to my protein shakes.

Alright thanks, I was thinking too myself also, that I don’t think this should be that mind-boggling. Anyways I’m just gonna take a little in the morning with my protein shake, and post workout I’ll be taking more. I’m going to follow Barr’s reccomendations though and just use 3g’s on off days because I’m not really depleting my creatine storage on off days because I’m not doing much physical activity. On training days 5-6g’s I’ll be taking. Thanks!