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creatine confusion

In Growth Surge Project John Berardi suggests taking creatine with Surge on lifting days and with green tea on off days. People have told me creatine needs a transport system like grape juice, others have told me that’s not true and others have told me there’s a new breed of effervescent creatine that has the transport system built in. Also some people tell me I need to go through a loading phase and others say I don’t. This is so confusing - everyone has something different to say.

Is just regular creatine ok? Please help me sort through this. Thanks!!!

Regular creatine at 5g on non training days and 10-15g on training days is fine. On training day go with 5g w/ pre/during workout drink and 5-10g w post work out drink.

Forget the effervescent B.S. RLTW

Read the section on creatine here.

You are getting a mix of old and new information. Loading used to be thought of as good, and some still do, but after a certain amount of time, I believe a month, you end up with the same saturation. Once you get maximum saturation, your muscles won?t take up any more.

The link posted by Burk is a really good article and gives the most current information.

Ok I read the article. Thanks Burke for the link and everyone else too.

Nothing was mentioned about mixing creatine with a transport system like grape juice. Does this mean mixing creatine in water or green tea is ok?

Using it in H2O is fine. On Workout days though, throw it in the during/post workout drink w/carbs.
In all cases adding a pinch of salt will help transport and is a better method than all the crap out there.

You’re welcome. Most of the studies were done using warm tea to transport the creatine. Nothing magic about the tea I don’t think, just the warm liquid helped dissolve the creatine.