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Creatine Chews


Has anyone ever tried creatine chews? I have been using Optimum's creatine, but I hate the fact that it doesn't come with a scoop and I have to get a teaspoon to measure it out the 5g serving. It's just a pain in the ass. There are a couple brands that make chews, and that seems like a nice convenience factor. Has anyone tried them? Would there be any downsides?


Sounds tasty.



Lol, that's pretty odd.

The only problem i would see with it overall is it being so convenient that people forget to hydrate properly.

When i did use creatine (hated how long it took to dissolve) i got pretty damn dehydrated if i didn't drink loads of water.


I gorged myself sick on the old Phosphagems when they came out in the late '90s. I was working at a GNC at the time and they were constantly tempting me from the shelf. :wink:

Chews will often have all sorts of extras you might not necessarily want. For example, one brand uses sugar alcohols, which can be problematic for some.

But I can't really wrap my head around how powdered creatine can be too much of an inconvenience. Even without a spoon, just sprinkle it into your workout shake and eyeball the amount.