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Creatine Causing Issues?

Has anyone had issues with creatine causing stomach bloating? I stopped taking creatine a month ago because I was getting severe bloating and stomach pain. I cut out a lot of foods to see what would help. I ended up cutting out dairy all together. I started creatine again yesterday. I use the serving size of 1 teaspoon. I took it with my post protein shake. I had severe bloating and stomach pain. Has anyone else had this issue or should I try taking creatine at a different time? I would like to take it but not if it’s causing these issues.

Other stuff that would be helpful would be type of creatine and brand because you may just have shitty creatine or trying a different type might agree with your stomach (monohydrate vs hcl, etc).

On micronized creatine powder

Is your protein shake dairy based?

I just throw my creatine in my morning coffee.

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Protein is whey isolate. Yesterday I mixed it with water but normally I use unsweetened almond milk.

Once my stomach feels normal again I’ll try it in the morning with water or something and see if that helps.

Yeah. You have to isolate that ingredient to know for sure.

Fwiw- the whey isolate is dairy based, but likely refined enough to not cause problems. If it hasn’t yet, it probably won’t.

Creatine has been known to cause bloating among other things due to its osmotic draw into the intestines. Taking it with juice or some other sugary drink is supposed to help uptake.

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I’ll have to try juice. I typically drink cranberry juice when I get home from work in the morning.

Whey hasn’t caused any stomach issues. The only issue dairy caused was nausea anytime I ate or drank milk products.

I’ll isolate the creatine in the morning with whole food, the cranberry juice and plenty of water and see how that works. Thanks for the advice.

You’re welcome. Hope it works out for you.

I have this issue and tried the almond milk route for a while but that shit isn’t real (if a cat wont drink it, then you know its not good) . Now I drink lactose free milk. I love it and tastes the same and no stomach issues.

That may be my issue. I tried the creatine this morning before bed with cranberry juice and I had 0 issues when I got up.

Had same issue… Switched to creatine Hcl. Never had a problem with bloat or cramps again

x2 this -happens now and again with monhydrate, try Hcl or Krealkalyn