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Creatine & Caffeine

I apologize since this has probably been beaten to death but …
What’s the final word. No caffeine while using creatine? Since I couldn’t seem to find a difinitive answer I have been staying away from caffeine while using creatine.
I really enjoy that morning charge of caffeine though.
Can someone tell me caffeine is ok and back it up? Please!

I’ve heard about caffeine interferring with creatine absorption. This may have something to do with also having read that caffeine decreases insulin sensitivity. However, I’m a caffeine junkie and have never noticed any problem with creatine absorbtion and always get a good pump on creatine regardless of ingesting caffeine all day long.

As I recall, that caffeine thing was started in the BB mags several years ago after one study, but no other study ever showed a problem again. And let’s remember that all the original studies on creatine were done with warm tea. So, no worries.

I concur with TEK. I was up to dat on creatine literature through early 2000 and can only recall that one study that found a bad interaction between the two. It’s just one study and I would not worry about it.

I consume probably too much caffeine (living in Melbourne the coffee capital of Australia is a great thing!) but have never noticed any confliction with taking creatine, I guess just try and keep your fluid intake (ie. water) high, which you should be doing anyway regardless!

As far as I remember, the study was done with 25mg/kg, which is a damn high dose of caffeine. A normal doseage woudnt be too much of a problem really.