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Creatine Bombs?


ive recently bought some creatine bombs by nutrisport and im a little confused as how totake em. On the container it says take 3x3 per day for the first week. which is 9 chalky strawberry tablets. but then it says dont take b4 or during training, Now the during bit is fine as i wouldnt anyway.

but the b4 training is impossible as even though it is infact before my training session it is also after the last session. now i do a day on day off training wise. My training days tend to be late in the evening .

So on my training days i gotta go all day without my creatine and try and force 9 tablets down my throat in a couple of hours which surely cant be good for me. I would like some expert advice as im not gonna start takin these untill i find an alternative way of takin em.
P.s after the initial week i have to go down to 2-4 tabs a day.


Expert advice?

Dump the bombs and get real German Creatine monohydrate powder. Take 5 grams a day after training with your post-workout Surge.

No gimmicks, just the stuff that's been proven to work.


whats postworkout Surge? and what does it do? i can honestly say ive never heard of it. Im new to lifting.


If you're new to lifting, stick to GOOD food and a GOOD lifting regime.... try Total body training by Chad Waterbury as a good start.

You need to have the basics covered before you jump to any supplements.


click on the store link and you will see it. Surge and creatine monohydrate are probably the only suplements you need to be taking if you are new to lifting. Like ShaneM686 said stick to good food and good lifting.