creatine & bodyfat %

Does bodyfat% go up with the intake of creatine?


Rick, Shiner is right, your BF% won’t go up if you take creatine. However, depending on how you measure yourself, the numbers reported might go up. If you’re measuring skin folds with a caliper, I would think there would be very little difference. If you use a bioimpedence scale to measure BF, the numbers reported are affected by hydration levels, and you might see higher numbers. Higher numbers in this case does not mean that you gained BF.

Bump to both above. Creatine simply allows your body to create more ATP to be used as energy for your muscles, reulting in better recovery during short bursts of energy. Much of the weight gain and bloating (by some) comes from the huge amounts of water consumed while using.

Actually, the weight gain comes from the increased hydration within the muscle cells. Normally, when you increase the amount of water you drink, bloating decreases because the body tends to retain less water.