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Creatine & Blood Tests

Hey all,

I just obtained a co-op with Pfizer, and they need me to take a physical exam. The exam includes: physical exam, blood specimen, EKG, urinalysis, targeted TB skin testing.

I am currently taking creatine. Will the creatine throw off the results, and if so, how many days prior to the test should I stop taking it?

Thanks for the help … I tried searching for the answer but couldn’t find it.


Don’t worry about it, meat. They usually have you fill out a brief questionnaire that asks what over-the-counter and prescription medications you’ve take in the last 24 or 48 hours. Just list the creatine, (or tell them if you don’t get a questionnaire) and it’ll be fine. It shows up as creatinine, and is insignificant, so don’t sweat it.

It should not make a difference. Some people make the claim that your creatinine levels may be elevated, but working out regularly and with some intensity will lead towards increased protein turnover and thus a mildly elevated creatinine level is some.

Meat I wouldn’t worry about it. Unless you are taking recrational drugs, then I would worry about the drug test.

Coporate site worry about drugs like E pot, cocaine crack. Etc. They don’t care if you take roids or not.

What’s taking creatine got to do with steroids?

Fitone, much like an autistic child, I wonder what’s going through your head sometimes.

Lol, thanks fellas.

DocT I just merely letting him know that I wouldn’t worry about the drug test to much. Roids have nothing to do u with creatine.

I don’t even know why he would even worry about creatine coming up on a drug test?!?!? Could u explain that one to me. Just trying to ease the kid’s mind thats all.

Hey, you’re the one that brought up steroids out of the clear blue. Don’t blame me for your goofiness.

Anyway, if they run a basic metabolic panel on him for screening purposes, it could be affected by taking creatine. His creatinine could show up higher than “normal” and it could be misinterpreted by somebody who doesn’t have full knowledge of the situation. His concern is actually valid, and he should be sure to tell whomever will be interpreting that test that he is taking creatine.

DocT well thank you for clearing that up for me. I didn’t know that. I guess you learn something new everyday.