Creatine & Blood Pressure

Hey Guys,

My dad is a regular T-man. At 65 years old I got him to start using creatine and lifting heavy (he was in pretty good shape to begin with so it wasn’t going to kill him).

Anyway, he went in to get his blood pressure checked, it was high. He went off the creatine, went back a week later, got it checked, it was fine. He went back on creatine and it was high!

I’ve cycled creatine and never seen a noticeable change in blood pressure. I’ve read a lot about creatine and I don’t remember reading anything about this either.


About a week ago I tried creatine, a single huge dose of 20 grams on the first day with a fruit smoothie. It made me really thirsty and I drank a ton of water.
My heart felt like it was pounding that night. The next day I took another 10 grams and I felt the same effect that night. The next day I checked my blood pressure and it was high. I waited a few minutes to calm down and checked it again and it was normal, so I don’t think it really raised my blood pressure. I did notice that my muscles looked much fuller after this short experiment. However I decided to lay off the creatine experiments for awhile–at least until I am having less stress at work. Then I will try again with much more conservative doses. I am 45 years old, both my parents had high blood pressure. Its a genetic thing, anxiety and high blood pressure runs in my family. I do cardio 5 or 6 days a week. I looked but could not find any studies linking creatine and blood pressure, but that just means that no one has studied it yet. But I will experiment again in a few weeks.