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Creatine best taken when and with....

I am looking for personal opinions based on experience so please post if you use creatine regularly.

Currently I use 5g/day thrown in w/my surge post w/o (high sugar content).
Is this optimal?
If others out there have experienced any better way to absorb the creatine and its effects I would like to hear how you go about things.


take it 20-30 minutes after your high GI PWO shake.

don’t waste your money by taking 5g either. Make it 1-2g, 2x/day.

Creatine is absorbed in the intestin, so take 3-5 g in the morning with some kinda juice before anything else and 3-5 g post workout( again with some juice)

RETARD, that is a waste. 5g a day is the most you should take after youre saturated, if not less.

I never said to do the loading cycle…now THAT is a waste. And BTW, in theory the muscles are already saturated with CP, that is before supp. with creatine!

Charles Poliquin said most people do not take enough creatine to get maximum results. He recommended 20 to 30 gms a day.

This was a couple of years ago, so he may have changed his thinking.

My best results with creatine came with dosages of 20 to 30 grams… basically a 5 gram dose pretty much whenever you eat. I gained 20 pounds, bodyweight went above 200 pounds for the first time, and gained strength and endurance in every exercise.

But if you are only going to take a 5 gm dose once a day, take it with your post-workout carb/protein meal.