Creatine Before & After Cardio?

This will probably sound stupid, but I never gave a second thought about this. I take Kre Alkalyn (instructions are take two daily - one pre-workout and one post-workout). Now, I only take them on days I lift (currently 4 days a week, cardio on the other 3) due to the fact that I read early on in my training that it really would have no effect on long distance work - and I was wondering if maybe I should be taking them before and after cardio (in the event that daily use might be more beneficial).

Oh also, whether anybody has taken Kre Alkalyn and knows if it’s any good or not - never really stopped to think about the source since it is Creatine but it’s marketed sort of gimmicky.

Before anybody tells me that I’m majoring in the minors, I really don’t think about this too much - just wanted to verify what might be the best approach (only before/after lifting, before/after any time I workout including cardio?) to get more bang for my buck.

Also, while I’m here, due to anaphylaxis to milk protein I am currently supplementing with 60g rice protein powder (30g before/30g after working out) and I ingest 280-300g protein daily. I’ve read before about the various difference in efficiency depending on protein source and was wondering if maybe there was a more viable option for protein powder (I’ve read about beef protein isolate, but I think there may be some whey in there in small amounts). I’ve used egg protein before but it was disgusting and did not mix well and was wondering if maybe I was wasting my money on this rice protein powder (maybe it doesn’t work at all?).


P.S. Only somebody who knows what they’re talking about. Not the same five people who joined in 2012 and make it a point to spam their bullshit in every beginner thread. Thanks!

I only skimmed through your post because it was very long but you are making this very complicated. Take creatine every day. The timing of it doesn’t really matter that much.

Just take 2 krealkalyn before weights work at other times is a waste of money.

Look into Beef Aminos and Dessicated liver tabs, I get mine from the universal brand both good stuff.

Humapro is made from vegetable extract and is highly rated, also look into pea protein and liquid egg whites.