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Creatine Becomes Cloudy


I'm sorry if this has been asked before.

When I mix my CM powder in hot water, it dissolves quickly and the water/mix stays clear. But after I add some cold water or ice to make the mixture drinkable, it becomes cloudy and I think I can see some particles flowing.

Is this common with CM powder? If not, does this indicate a bad product? This is my first time taking Creatine BTW.



Creatine and most solids are more soluble in hot water than cold water. When you cool the water down the amount of creatine the water can dissolve decreases and if it crosses the solubility limit, then the solids start to separate from the water. Not a big problem, but try using more water.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and a micronized creatine will dissolve better as well.


No need to mix it with hot water, just go by the directions on the back of the bottle. Cloudiness is an issue of solubility.

Biotest Ultra-Micronized Creatine Monohydrate contains the finest grain creatine you can get, so it's more soluble than what you'll find in other brands.


ey... is it ok to drink the mixture while it has these solid particles floating around? Will you still get all of the creatine in it? I have been drinking it in this manner since I first bought it...


Thanks for the info about the solubility limit, Fezzik, it didn't cross my mind. Next time I'll add more (hot) water and see what happens.

As for mixing the powder straight with "cold" water, it unfortunately just doesn't work.


If it were a problem, then you would probably have some stomach issues like bloating. It is fine at a 5 gram dose, but could possibly be an issue if you were loading it. Just always make sure water intake is adequate when taking CM, and you shouldn't have any issues.


Thanks, I have not had any noticable issues so far, so I will assume its ok. Water intake (seperately to the mixture) is good.


I've been adding some more hot water and it definitely helps!