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Creatine banned from NCAA??

My friend, a div.I football player, just told me that his training coach told him that creatine is now banned by the NCAA so he should stop using it so he can pass the next test. I almost died when I heard this. This can’t be true!?! Or is it?? Any one know?

Wouldn’t a diet high in meat show high creatine levels? So how would the testers know he’s not just a big meat eater? Can they even test for creatine? Never heard of that.

There are few people that sit down to 25 pounds of red meat and can even stand up. Imagine if you wanted to load with 20g of creatine, ouch!


The NCAA banned institutions from giving out creatine as a nutritional supplement. They have regulations on the amount of protein you can give each athlete etc and they said that the institution cannot distribute it. However, creatine is not on the banned substances list and is completely legal for you to use. Alot of school administrators try to make athletes think otherwise. At our school, the athletic director tells us every year that “creatine will be banned in the next three months.” Take as much as you want.