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Creatine Bad At 15?


ok im 15 and everyone is telling me creatine is bad for me to take blah blah blah. is it true? if so why? i need info.


Our T-levels are just starting to blast, we gain like crazy, are bodies are growing like bacteria in a dirty mouth.

You can take it, sure, but for us youngun's its really not necessary at all.

Only supps I use at all are protein powder, a fishoil, and Surge.

Even then, I'm just getting into the habit.

You probablyu don't need creatine. At all. Just sleep a lot, and eat a lot.


thanks, but do you know why?


creatine is considered an "essential" for most people. It isn't very effective for some people though, however others love it.

Your hormones have little to do with creatine levels I believe. I don't see any harm in taking it. There's too much media crap associated with creatine.

Just the other day I was talking about chewing tobacco with my step dad and he goes "well at least it isn't as bad as that Creatine stuff." I was like WTF???


creatine isn't bad for you. it occurs naturally in the body, and you take it in through sources such as meat.

In comparision to supplements like protein and fish oil, it is way down the list of priorities.

It is not a hormonal thing, but take care of your protein, macronutrient, and vitamin/mineral intake before worrying about creatine. don't forget to sleep.


As far as I know, it's not bad for you, but your money can be better spent in other places. Use your money on a weight gainer or just more food. The best thing you can do at your age is EAT MORE.


Taking creatine when your an absolute beginner is like getting nice rims on your rusted ass 1953 Station Wagon.

Sure, it makes it look better, but your energies could be spent on much more effective things. Research, lift, eat, rest, repeat.



George is essentially correct.

The only, and I mean ONLY, concern with using creatine at a young age is that there's a possibility it will down-regulate your body's ability to create its own creatine. It's the same sort of concept as steroid abuse causing your body to stop producing its own testosterone.

Whether or not this actually happens with teens and creatine is unclear right now. In adults, the body down-regulates its own creatine production while you're taking the supplement but then goes back to normal soon after you stop taking it.

It's up to you if you want to use it, but personally, I'd go for it if you have the money. Just remember to get a pure monohydrate (no sugar and other crap) and use a conservative dose (3-5g/day).

I wouldn't waste any money on a weight gain powder, I'd rather have a single chicken breast than a tub of that crap though.



You might want to let them know they are idiots. Some of these people probably had some "super-sized" meal the same day they "warned" you about creatine.

This is definitely a WHISKY TANGO FOXTROT moment.


All of the above are true, and creatine is generally recognised as safe. And there is a fair bit of misinfomation about it.

However there is no (or at least a strong lack of) research on creatine in people under the age of 18 (for potential side effects, etc). So, you don't really need it, why take it?


S'what I was trying to say. I say, listen to this guy.


For most people, including myself as an athlete, creatine also helps with performance and strength, not just weight gain.

I'd say go for it. I'm 15 and it hasn't hurt me yet, or any of my friends that take it for that matter.


Creatine is nutritional, that is, it's found in varying levels in all meat. The best sources are beef and fishes such as salmon, tuna and especially herring. In fact, the name "creatine" is derived from the Greek word for meat ("kreas").

If there's danger in kids taking creatine, maybe they shouldn't eat meat either? Yeah, I don't think so.


That's idiotic reasoning. Just because we consume something naturally in low quantities doesn't mean that high quantities through supplementation won't hurt anything.



And exactly what i was gonna say.
Creatine at 15....jesus christ....

"Hi, I'm twelve and i've been lifting since yesterday, but i'm not seeing any gains. Should i start taking steroids, hormone boosters and creatine?"


Because 15 year olds will rely on creatine instead of gathering knowledge.

I knew lots of 15 year olds who were taking creatine when they were playing football; they'd have been far better served eating right and lifting, and developing habits that would last forever.

What I'm saying is that kids will be like, "Well, I'm on creatine".

And I say, "Great, but do you know how you should be eating, and what you should be eating, so you can reach your goals?"

They come back with, "Well, I'm on creatine".

Know what I mean?


HAHA yes... that's what all the freshmen here say. I talk about how I eat right and alot whenever they ask, and they're like "Wouldn't it just be easier to take creatine?" me... "duuuuuuuuuur-" smashes thier face


Don't get the kid crazy with some hyped info. Creatine use and the body not producing creatine is NOTHING like using steroids and the down-regulation of testosterone. Are you nuts?

If anything, you can compare the producing of creatine and the stopping when supplementing it with cholesterol. Your body makes up to 90% of the cholesterol you need. If you eat a ton of it, your body will most likely make less b/c it need less. If you eat/consume creatine, your body will make less b/c it needs less. There is absolutely no reason to think the body won't or can't restart production. That's absurd. No one ever stopped producing cholesterol because they ate a lot of it for a while.

Dude - don't worry - your body will not stop producing it. If you go off the creatine, you'll just lose the positive effects of the creatine. You won't hurt yourself.


True. But your reasoning that a teenage might stop procduing creatine permanently is idiotic though.


Don't worry about it, make yourself stronger and everything will fall into place.