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Creatine at Bedtime


I always take creatine with a PWO Shake after a workout, but on my off days I find myself taking it just before I goto bed because I forget to take it other times throughout the day. This is my main concern. Will the creatine absorb as well while I'm sleeping or atleast stay stable in my digestive system till morning or will it breakdown into creatinine while I'm asleep and just become useless.



There is no need to take creatine on off days. The only time you really should take it is after workouts with your high glycemic carbs and protein shake, like Surge. Taking it on off days is a waste and the high glycemic carbs are crucial for absorption of the creatine.


Taking it on off days is a waste?

First, there is no time that you should take creatine. This isn't like caffeine where you will eventually eliminate the effects over a few hours. The goal is to keep whatever amount can be stored in your muscle tissues at full capacity. It doesn't matter if you take it at night or any other time of the day.

Taking it on off days would only be a waste if you were completely topped off leading to any excess being excreted.


All about maintenance - so yes you do have to take it on your off days. I think the best time to take it on your off days is with your first protein drink in the morning with your brekkie - although really don't make a huge difference.


It is fine to take it on your off days, and you don't necessarily need to take it with sugars. A review of creatine (I think by David Barr) said that lack of sodium would lead to poor creatine absorption. I think the sugar thing has been overstated to say the least.




There are data directly supporting the use of glucose for enhanced creatine uptake. You don't want to do this before bed.

Also, in the article I state why post workout creatine is the only time you'll need to take it.

Hope this helps!


Yeah I read the article. Gave me a whole different outlook on creatine, but I actually had one question. When you suggest that you only have to take it after a workout. This practice is used once a loading phase has been done correct? If you are just taking 5g a day then how would you go about it?


He said after a workout is the only time you need it.


I used to take it 2 hrs b4 bed and I always wait up with a extremely dry throat.



Thank you David for clarifying. This is the information that I was using in my above post that Proffesor X was disagreeing with.


Wait, Professor X just said there is "no time that you should take cratine...", and then stated ways to optimize creatine ingestion? That confused the f' out of me. What's he saying?


I'm new to the board..so please excuse any goofy questions. I'm wondering if anyone has feedback/knowledge on Cellucor's creatine. It sounds like a great product to me. Here is some info:

....by combining the following components: 1) A cellular hydration response modifier, 2) An endogeneous creatine co-factor, and 3) A novel blend of transport mechanisms.

Key Element #1.
The first mechanism found in M5 to help maximize your anabolic state involves a cellular hydration response modifier known as Kre-Alkalyn, which is the only 100% bio-available form of creatine ever developed. Your body naturally produces about 2 grams of creatine on a daily basis. If you supplement with 5 grams of regular creatine, you'll likely only get the benefit of 200-400 mg of actual creatine (and 4,600 mg of toxic creatinine). Most of the creatine is lost when added to liquid, and even more is converted as it passes through your acidic stomach. Over the years, many new forms of creatine have been developed including, effervescent, titrate, di-creatine and, most recently, ester creatine technology. However, these technologies cannot deliver an effective, concentrated dose of creatine without converting to creatinine since they are not above a pH level of 7 and 100% stable?like Kre-Alkalyn.
Key Element #2.
...Glycocyamine, a novel endogenous creatine co-factor. Glycocyamine is the primary building block, or pre-cursor, to the body's natural production of creatine. When you supplement your diet with creatine, there is a possibility you may be suppressing your natural production and therefore limiting your body's anabolic potential. By adding Glycocyamine to our formula we were able to maximize both the anabolic effect of the Kre-Alkalyn as well as the body's natural production and storage of cellular hydrating compounds.
Key Element #3.
...advanced blend of transport mechanisms. In order to maximize the absorption rate of the anabolic components found in M5 , we focused on the following: 1) Decreasing the surface tension surrounding the cell membrane and 2) Increasing the release of insulin secretion. ...M5, contains the following components: Silica Hydride, Dargenol?, Guanipro?, Cinnerol?, and 4-Hydroxy Isoleucine.


I'm saying that me taking creatine at 5 in the morning does not mean my creatine isn't working for me. Me taking creatine at 6:03pm does not mean my creatine is not working for me. Taking creatine at 12:06am does not mean my creatine is not working for me. There is no specific time to take creatine that cancels out the effects. I see many people making the complicated for no reason at all.

You can either load creatine or not load. Over the course of a month, the results would be the same.

David Barr's statement makes it seem as if you MUST take creatine after training as if the results are somehow cancelled out if you take it at any other time. This is not the case. If that were the case, then the creatine you get from beef would do you no good unless you only ate beef right after training. Do not get caught up in making this that complicated. Your body doesn't even work like that. You can take creatine 5 seconds after reading this post and it will still work.


He means that there is no specific time to take it. Though high glycemic carbs aid in absorbtion, you can take creatine any time of day and will still absorb an effective amount.


Ok, you fell for the latest scam of creatines. Buffering or liquid suspension do not add any positive effect on bio-availability. There are studies showing that creatine does not convert to creatinine as rapidly as these companies want you to believe. All that surface tension lessening is just mumbo-jumbo. Monohydrate is still the best and least expensive way of supplementing creatine. Don't buy into the hype.


reaganbp, just buy cheap simple creatine monohydrate. You don't want anything added to it, because you're going to add it to your Surge.

Look for something with the Creapure label. Lots of companies make this.

Keep it simple.


Prof, let me clarify: you don't need creatine on non training days.

Taking it post workout makes the most sense, and can potentially optimize uptake.

Most people I know are willing to sacrifice a little convenience for potential optimization.

Otherwise I agree that "keep it simple" applies.



You don't NEED to use creatine at all, however, there is little sense in avoiding it at all costs on non-training days. Would your body be likely to use less? No doubt. Does that mean that you will be bedridden and won't be using your muscles at all for anything? Not likely.

Taking it ONLY post-workout implies that less is absorbed if taken at any other time. I would actually like to see you show any proof of this beyond speculation. I have read research that showed an increase in creatine uptake when taken with protein. While carbohydrates may be preferred post-training, it doesn't mean that everything should be forced into your body at the same time. In other words, it isn't like the guy who regularly takes creatine 2 hours before training is getting less use of the supplement than the guy who takes it after.

Many guys can't tell the difference, which means the rumor gets spread as if taking creatine has a magic one time daily opportunity of being absorbed or all is lost.


Then why the initial loading phase? If it takes time for your muscles to eventually absord the extra 2.5 grams or so of creatine they can optimally absorb, than why not take it everyday, workout or not?

Also, creatine monohydrate sucks balls...