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Creatine at 15


I got this one kind of creatine that my freind bout for me. But it said on the back that its not intended for any indivual under 18. I still take it anyway(its drink mix by the way) so my question is am 15 takin this product would it cause any kind of affect that could harm me?


At your age all you need is lots of food and sleep. Maybe a protein shake. Thats just my opinion.


you'll die.

creatine is found in natural foods. i really fucking doubt it is going to do anything to you. you might cramp up if you dont get enough liquids, but even then that isnt for sure.


That is the general opinion on this board :slight_smile: At 15, you need time under the bar, food and sleep. If you're not gaining, then the problem is somewhere in that department. Most likely, you don't eat nearly enough and your workout routine is bad. If that is the case, no amount of creatine will fix that.


I took creatine at 15 and it didn't do much for me. I started eating a ton and drinking alot of protein. Once I did that I noticed more of an improvement.


Don't take it, you don't need it! At the age of 15 learn to rely on good quality food (and plenty of it). And multi joint movements!

If you want to kick back some Grow! Protien powder once a day.....go ahead, but that's all the supplementation you need.


kick back some Grow!? what does that mean?


Grow! is the name of Biotest's excellent protein powder.

Low-Carb Grow!

Classic Grow!

Grow! bars (obviously not powder, but I love these suckers!)


What the hell are you fucking around with creatine!?!?!?? Boy your age shoueld be smoking and drinking whiskey.


im 16 and i took creatine for awhile... it didnt seem to do much for me, so i just continued using regular whey protein, because its much cheaper



Sound advice.


heh, all i could think about at 15 was ass and money, I didnt relize there was anything else in the world.

go go gadget blinders....

Stay away from them things, they both are nothing to concern yourself with at that age, weights and doing good in school are much better, they will leave ya farther ahead in the world (a little of both are nice though, too contadict myself)