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Creatine Article....


Can anyone find the link for the article that explains the amount of creatine that should be taken on a day to day basis? It talks about creatine in general. thanks!



just take 5 grams any more it will be lost coming out when you piss so why waste. Drink lots a water. I take mine with Surge and grape juice.


Do any of you notice bloating while on creatine???


Bloating is a side-effect from a creatine by-product called creatinine. After 10 minutes in liquid, creatine becomes unstable and converts into creatinine which is completely useless so never pre-mix. Also there's been dozens if not hundreds of studys done all proving that creatine's effectivness is many times multiplied by a high GI carbohydrate like dextrose, maltodextrin or Vitargo. Fruit juice(fructose) is ok if you have nothing else but the latter 3 sugars are extremely more effective in spiking insulin and therefore creatine transport. Just about every study done on creatine after the year 2002 should tell you this only more in-depth. If you don't mind mixing dextrose and malto w/ creatine yourself which is what I do it's very effective and cheap otherwise just buy a good PWO mix like Surge or Countdown.


so i should just take 5 grams a day? also, should i worry about the loading phase or should i just start by taking 5 grams a day?


this is one of the things i don't agree with, i mean just giving blanket numbers to people...say that we have several individuals...two around 200lbs but one with more muscle than the other, two others at more than 250 plus same situation, one carries alot more muscle than the other...saying to all that 5 grams is what they should take without looking at each of them as separate cases doesn't really sit too well with me....

my advice...buy a respectable brand ( Biotest:) ), start with the minimum suggested dose(it was written by people that know way more than me)...if at that those you are either experiencing side effects or not responding...than modify your dose...

( in my case i respond great to more than 5 grams taken twice a day which i am about to double(4 daily doses instead of 2) for a couple weeks, why?...just to see what it does:) )


The insulin uptake spike provided by carbs wrt creatine is bogus. The PWO effect is your maximizer. The amounts of pure carbs needed to 'juice' intake would be outside the relm of most people diet. Believe what you want, but your 'spike' is more affected by your workout and physio needs than the carbs. You get just as much creatine effect with tea in the morning as you do grape juice.


Are you in a hurry? Nothing wrong with loading, but you'll reach saturation without it.

If you load, better to take 3g or so 5x a day than to overload any particular intake.


The purpose of injecting insulin is because it's an extremely good nutrient delivery aid. High GI carbs release lots of stored insulin which crams foodstuffs and in this case creatine into the muscle cells. I agree with you that PWO your body is craving any nutrient and creatine will be absorbed better than normal but again it's still only a fraction of the result as opposed to an accompying insulin spike.


well i am 6'0, 225 and around 10% body fat. I was thinkin about taking 10 grams a day (5 when i wake up, and 5 pwo). Is this alright or is the 5 good enough? Also, would taking the creatine with grape juice be a good idea pwo and green tea/creatine in the morning when i wak eup? I cant remember what brand i bought, but i bought it off of bodybuilding.com and it said 100% creaine monohydrate, so i think that will be alright....One more question..lol..how long should i take the doses apart?


Yup 5g is enough

If looking to take it with carbs PWO go with something fast and simple Not fructose or HFCS based. Surge would be Ideal, gatorade etc.

Sure green tea coffee etc is good Thats what I do in the AM.

Yup sounds like a good creatine just a crap place to get it.

Doses once a day. what time?? when ever you can PWO is great on w/o days.


If you're cheap, 3 grams post workout only works fine. Mabey 4 days a week tho.

(If you think this is not enough, its from a Dave Barrticle).


ya i dont really like that website, but i found the creatine pretty cheap so i bought it. do u guys have any other sites that u use? im looking for products for a decent price. thanks



Ya... Mabey you've heard of it, http://www.T-Nation.com

Ok, I'll give you the full link:

Its a great site, full of articles and great products. The creatine is high quality and fairly priced, 500 grams for $12.99...


I have read in several articles that all the creatine needed (in respect to your needs/wants) is 5gms pre and 5gms post work out. Skipping the loading phase because just like a previous poster stated "you just end up pissing itaway".

I usually mix it with my protien shake with a few tsp of instanat coffee and glutamine (5g)I have also taken to using cocoa powder for it's natural "NO" effect. I feel extremly jack up when I do hit the gym. I also take 2 Tribulus capsules before shake on empty stomach. By now I am about to rip through my own flesh if I cant hit the weight room. Good Luck!!!


Absolute rubbish!
Green et al (1996) showed that creatine ingestion can be elevated by 60%!! when taken with a CHO. In addition a very sucessful creatine carb product was based on a formula used in many research papers (begins with cell and ends in tech). Its not difficult to consume 50-75g dextrose with 50g protein and your creatine (Protein and cho raise insulin better together than cho alone) post workout.

Regarding the dose, 3-5g is adequate - this is backed up by the AIS (Australian institute of sport - not some crappy article on the net)
Caffeine is just something i dont agree with. Vandemburg's studies showed that caffeine is not a suitable vehicle for creatine transport, and whereas one or two studies contradict this caffeine will not aid digestion or uptake so why bother taking it with your creatine? Just seems daft and not worth the risk to me. There are a million and one drinks around and people still want to take it with coffee and tea.


So one study done in 1996 is what you base your protocol on.
Do you know the amount of carbs ingested to get that 60% increase?

MOst people around here will tell you another company's product is garbage. I don't know that, but I've seen studies used with that very product that claim that the amount of carbs used in that product-IN and of themselves-does little to nothing to encourage uptake. Just because a product is endorsed by a professional and becomes popular with the product, one should not assume it actually does a damn thing for you. In this case, it becomes an ok product because of taking it after your workout, not because it's loaded with sugar.

Agree on the combination of protein. Very important to take protein with your creatine.

My suggestion of tea has nothing to do with caffeine. It was merely a drink that was first used in the drinking of creatine and one that by itself has no carbs.


Step out of the box.

That being said.

5g-10g per day wk1
15g-20g per day wk2
25-30g per day wk3
35g-40g per day wk4
35g-40g per day wk5
25-30g per day wk6
15g-20g per day wk7
5g-10g per day wk8

This all depends on body weight, and tolerance w/ GI.

I'm ure this will raise a lot of eyebrows.

PM me if you would like to hear me out.


Ill find out but at the minute my one study beats your none.

I didnt say that product was great, i stated its formula was based on the amount used in several studies. I actually find the taste a bit overwhelming myself of the product in question - and no, i never bought it either.

Fair enough.


Although old, but since you asked 360g of carbs was used per day for the increase in uptake of 60% by GREEN et al (1996). Works out at 90g with each serving. A lot i agree.
The AIS recommend 50-100g 'may' enhance creatine uptake. So if your only taking it once per day as is needed, then as discussed earlier Protein + CHO + your creatine. Or bung it in a big Surge serving - this CHO protocol is more in line with companies drastically reducing the dextrose content in their formulas.

In addition, although CEE had a bad write up in a T-Nation article, and to date had no studies proving its effectiveness, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence about.

Has anyone tried CEE at all?