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creatine annyhydrous

Has annyone tried creatine annyhydrous??
I no “annyhydrous” means without water (monohydrate) so whats so great about it…any creatine experts please reply…also it’s claim that there is 6% more creatine per every gram (compared to monohydrate), so that means if you take 5 grms your getting 30% more ???

No, you’re still only getting 6% more. If you pay %6 on sales tax for $1 you pay $1.06, for $5 you pay $5.30 ($5+6%), not $6.50 ($5+5x6%). It’s a waste of money, get the monohydrate.

Is creatine anhydrous more soluble in room temperature or cold water than monohydrate?

this was actually discussed in another thread do a search for it

there were some good answers

Sorry it’s taken so long, but my source on chemical information wasn’t available for a few days.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any information on water solubility on either compound. BUT, I’m fully willing to admit that they have different solubilities, since they are different crystals. I just don’t know though. Sometimes we’re only as good as our sources!

To the poster, I did a fairly full review of anhydrous creatine in another thread. Just do a search of “anhydrous creatine” and I’m sure you’ll get some of the info you need.