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Creatine and ZMA

How is creatine best used. I know this sounds like a rookie question, but everywhere I go there is a different answer. Some people say cycle on and off it. Some say there something else u need to take, so the water gain is minimal. Also I was wondering what would be a better investment, a ZMA supplement, or creatine.

'nuff said.

Search for the “bodybuilders hierarchy of needs” it’s a good article. If your are eating a good diet, high in protien, from red meat you probably don’t need ZMA. I’d spend my money on creatine if it was a choice between the two. If not take both. They do different things. - hedo

I will say the exact opposite of hedo! I don’t think that creatine is worth the postage it takes to deliver it. But that depends entirely on your goals. WHY do you want to take either creatine or ZMA? Improved performance? Creatine. Improved recovery? ZMA.