Creatine and Weight Gainer

I recently went through a cutting phase with good results. I am now into week 2 of a bulking phase, I currenty have a diet plan and the only supplements I take are protein shakes and fish oil.

However, my buddy gave two jugs of some stuff that his football coach gave him. The first one is Krush 4 Creatine and the the other thing is Muscle Juice 2544. I don’t know how to use either or if I should even touch them. The Musce Juice in one serving(250 grams) has 990 cals, 55 grams of protein, 18 grams of fat and 152 carbs.

That seems insane to me, especially as I am one of those guys who needs to still do cardio even when bulking to keep fat down. So my question is, should I try and incorporate either of these things into my diet or just stick with straight protein?

You don’t “need” either of them; weight gainers are nothing magical. They are simply a convenient source of poor quality calories .

If you’re trying to gain muscle, simply eat slightly more calories than you need to maintain your bodyweight and keep lifting hard. If you can incorporate the weight gainer into your diet to reach the calorie level you desire to stay at, then by all means. You may want to limit its use to post-workout though, and use less than the recommended serving size.

Again though, its just quick calories. No need to take in too many calories over what you need to gain lean mass.

As for the creatine, I don’t know what all that particular brand contains, but I would personally just use creatine monohydrate with nothing added to it. (Can be bought from this site.)

If you put on fat easy run from weight gainers. They do exactly what they say, make you gain weight.

Creatines good though, as far as I can tell is it cannot turn into fat.