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Creatine and Water

i just started taking creatine and was wondering how much liters of water do i need 2 drink each day? would 6Liters be fine or no?

That depends on what you are doing the rest of the day. if you work construction then I would drink more. If you sit on your thumb and spin all day then maybe less. Just drink until your urine is clear.

I think 6 liters of water would be good no matter what work you do.

You should generally drink 1ml/kcal consumed, plus what you sweat.

So, if you eat 3000kcal and exercise for 40 minutes or so and work in an air conditioned office, 4-5 liters would be about right. Adjust from there.

Drinking the minimal amount to make your pee just about clear (you can get overhydrated too) is a good rule of thumb as was pretty much said.