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Creatine and Thirst??


The only dietary change I've made is adding in creatine, and only a small amount. Anyway, I'm thirsty like I've never been before. Could this be related? Thanks....AG


Definitely, especially if you havent increased your intake of water. Be prepared to mimick a pregnant lady though! You'll be running to the bathroom quite often.

How much are you using now and how often?


I've had that problem with creatine before. I'm sure someone will be able to explain the science behind it better than me; but creatine will cause fluid retention in the muscle cells and I suppose it just pulls that fluid from wherever it needs it creating a deficit. If you're planning on keeping up with creatine just start drinking a little more and your body will soon get used to the new thirst levels and you won't even notice it.

Paul Chek recommends adding a pinch of salt per liter of water when drinking it to help absorption, I find it helps keep me hydrated and the water goes down easier.


I think it could be related. The following is an excerpt from Wikipedia. So I won't pretend to fully understand a lot about creatine, but if it causes more water to go into the muscles, then your body might require more water intake whilst using it.


"Some studies have shown that creatine supplementation increases both total and fat-free body mass, though it is difficult to say how much of this is due to the training effect. Since body mass gains of about 1 kg can occur in a week's time, several studies suggest that the gain is simply due to greater water retention inside the muscle cells. However, studies into the long-term effect of creatine supplementation suggest that body mass gains cannot be explained by increases in intracellular water alone. In the longer term, the increase in total body water is reported to be proportional to the weight gains, which means that the percentage of total body water is not significantly changed. The magnitude of the weight gains during training over a period of several weeks argue against the water-retention theory.

It is possible that the initial increase in intracellular water increases osmotic pressure, which in turn stimulates protein synthesis. A few studies have reported changes in the nitrogen balance during creatine supplementation, suggesting that creatine increases protein synthesis and/or decreases protein breakdown. Again, while hypothesized, this remains unproven."


I'd say that yes, thirst is a result of creatine.

Side note: I've been taking 4-5g every 5 hours per Thib's recommendation. I gained 3 water weight pounds in one night.


4-5 grams every 5 hours!? Really? I've never heard of doing this. I've always heard that that would be a waste. I'd be interested to see the article and recommendations on that.



Been taking 5 mg twice a day (for the last two days) but cutting back to 5 mg a day immediately. I haven't gained any 'water weight' but the thirst is intense.

Thanks for all the feedback...AG


Once you start drinking all that water, you'll gain some water weight.


5mg ONCE a day is more than enough, AG.


are you taking plain mono on its own? There are better ways to increase absorption if so.
Increase you water intake SLOWLY - think about watering a plant. If you fill it with a gallon of water it pisses out of the pot. If you drop it bit by bit it stays in the pot. True story!.


I'm what you call a "Heavy Drinker". No, I dont' mean beer and liquor. I mean everything. I just drink a lot in general. So, I've never really noticed the increase in thirst due to Creatine.

AG, what brand are you using?


GNC Creatine Monohydrate


I received recommendations from a few different sources. So at 110 lbs what amount should I be taking?


Adding it to the Surge on training days. This morning had it in warm water and had a Metabolic Drive Shake at the same time. Oatmeal about 30 minutes later.


I'd just take 5 g a day.


I take creatine with my Surge as well.


ok - mono with a simple carb is the way to go. Just far too much research proving its intake is increased with a sugar (not fructose).
loading doses are generally to be avoided as they simply are not necessary. 5g/ day is definately adequate providing your taking it with your carbs.

Expect weight gain but dont panick - as pointed out a hydrated cell functions way way better than a dehydrated one. Again mucho research backs this up.


No offense (sorry) but I thought everyone knew that you have to hydrate when you are taking creatine. When I first read the post I thought it was a joke.

Anyways, it is good that you are stepping up your game. I personally think that creatine is as essential as a protein powder.

If someone at GNC sold it to you, you should be legally allowed to kill them for not telling you something so common; or at least burn down the store.

I just want to second that you should be taking it with carbs (grape juice works great) and that slow watering throughout the day is probably the best.


I am drinking alot of water but am still excessively thirsty. And I hate even walking in that store and only do when I basically have no choice.

Soooo, yes i'm hydrating and just wanted others feedback. I'm new to this and more than appreciate the feedback.


You do need to add more water, thats a given. Take it with your PWO shake. But taking 10mg's a day you're body is wee-weeing out the excess. If you lower the dose to 3-5mg, you're 110 so you could use 3mg's you shouldnt have the run to the bathroom effect.

Do you eat red meat, AG? If so how often?