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Creatine and the Digestive System


So Ive started taking gold standard 100% whey protein (2 scoops= 48g protein 11g BCAA 8g Glutamine & Precursors) with about 5g of bodytech's Creatine monohydrate. I usually take this once a day post workout. I started to up this a bit to twice a day (once before work in the morning(430) with either oatmeal or a couple eggs and once around noon post workout)

I also doubled the Creatine because I read something about pre-loading. I did this for 2 days and Holy Sh!t....pun most definitely intended. I was getting wicked stomach cramps right before I usually wake up (around 4) and would be back and forth to the bathroom 2 or 3 times before 10am.

Now for my question..is this due to the increase in creatine or something in the protein powder?
Is pre-loading necessary? Should I change creatine or does this just come with the territory?
I am noticing a difference in the 3wks since I've started creatine so Id like to stay on it.

and I also drink about 3L of water a day if that is relevant.

I would appreciate any direction you could give..


There was a good article on here perhaps a year ago which dealt with a lot of issues on creatine; you might want to do a site search. I recall from the article that taking more than 5g a day is just a waste of creatine, as there is only a certain amount of creatine that the body can absorb.


I've heard this as well, I don't think anything more than 5g / day is going be useful, so you may want to leave the creatine out in one of the shakes.


I used creatine mono because everyone said it was good, definitely gave me diarrhoea, however creatine ethyl ester does not. BUT it is the most vile tasting thing ever. Leucine and fish oil taste like chocolate compared to it.


That was kinda what I was thinking because It seems like I had excess creatine in my system the 24 hrs before the wicked stomach disturbances. my arms actually looked a little bloated and veins were more visible, I had a good workout then like 8 hrs later all hell broke loose..Everything Ive been reading says 5g a day is good unless your preloading...Im not competing or anything so I guess Its probly not necessary to preload..Is the 8g of glutamine in my whey enough to be effective?


Biotest's creatine doesnt cause me any stomach problems. Maybe your stuff is lower quality.

Explain why you think you need supplemental glutamine. Im not saying you dont, but why do you need it?


Is that Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey? Last tub I bought from them (over a year ago) messed me up bad, also messed up my lady friend, so it wasn't just me. Think they've downgraded to save $$ used to do ok with ON products. Never had any issues with Grow! or Biotest creatine.


@Thick88- yes it is and come to think of it I started that particular protein for the first time and started the creatine on the same day..Im almost done with it so maybe Ill switch it up and see if that helps.

@Bonez- I dont know if I need supplemental glutamine thats what I was asking...I should have worded it better.


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@BBB- So 8g is adequate??...if not when I change proteins after I finish this tub Ill look for one with a little more

@ Rocky-Thanks!! Ill read that right now