Creatine and the Anabolic Diet?

After reading numerous threads concerning the Anabolic Diet…where does Creatine come into play? I want to continue to take it after my work out, but want to use Dextrose as the carrier, but this would shoot me over the 30g mark?

Would I be better off using the T-Dawg diet?

Want to eat lots of protein, gain mass, lose fat, etc.

For me, I know that creatine works, but not want to take a measly few grams of dextrose with it.

Any help or experience greatly appreciated.


Yeah, take it without the dextrose and something else to spike insulin if you are really worried.

If you’re going to start the AD then concentrate on getting that hammered out over the next few months. Creatine one way or the other isn’t going to have nearly as profound an effect as the AD will. Use it during your carb loads and PWO.

DO NOT eat extra carbs during the week for the sake of creatine. At least for a while. If you’re really going to stress over it just get 20 or more of your 30 grams PWO that day and take it then. Or just take it whenever you want. There’s no evidence it’s useless unless taken with carbs. It’s primary natural source is red meat after all.