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Creatine and Teenagers?


I've used the search function here, and on the net in hopes of finding any studies that document the use and safety of creatine in teenagers. All I can find is research for adults. My little brother wants to take the stuff because he sees me doing it and before I feed him creatine I want to know its safe for him. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks alot gentlemen.


Maybe my guess is wrong, but I always figured the usual recipe for teenager creatine trouble looks like this:

-If 20g is good, 40g might be better! (teenager logic)
-I'm invincible! (teenager logic)
-start strenuous training, greatly increasing the body's need for water
-start high protein diet with heavy reliance on protein powder, greatly increasing the body's need for water
-take high loading phase doses of creatine, greatly increasing the body's need for water

The usual consequences of this routine are stomach cramps and diarrhea. But in normal amounts I don't think creatine poses any danger to anyone. Luckily your brother has a wise person guiding him. Just hammer it into his head that a huge dose of creatine is no better than a large dose, and even a medium dose goes mostly unused by the body. And be careful of consuming most of your diet in powder form. Drink enough and there'll probably be no problems.


Hey Mwschwab, How old is your little beother? Im assuming hes older than 18, if hes not then I would just say he should wait a while, but if he is then have him take no more than 5 grams a day, which can be split in half, if he prefers, and also take it early in the afternoon, because it does have a slight caffeine effect, which may keep him up at night if ingested to late in the day. I would its fairly safe to use everyday, but realistically, just on workout days would probably suffice, and be cost effective as well. And make sure he drinks plenty of water also.


For someone under 18 I would be more worried about working on nutritional changes, sleep patterns, and a sound exercise program before having them load up on creatine.

I know that's not the answer you were looking for, but for this age group nutritional issues are key as well as sleep. Most teens have a poor diet, and with school, sometimes work too, they're deprived of sleep as well.


Thanks guys, i didn't even think about some of the stuff you all brought up. He's only 17 so I think I'll have him back off and not take creatine and instead focus on keeping his diet in check and his lifts heavy.


If he is hell bent on supplements he would be much better off with Flameout, Grow! and ZMA. All three are safe for a teenager to take.