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Creatine and T-Mag

I noticed in the think tank dialogs under what non-Biotest supplements the contributors use, and basically all of them use creatine. Now i know there are mixed emotions, but if most of the contributors use it, why hasnt Biotest made theyre own brand? Seems to be popular.

Because all the contributers to T-nations agree that plain creatine is better than all the ones with crazy “Transport Matrix” and that would mean T-Nation would basicaly be a reseller. Also the nation wants to concentrate on more “Cutting edge” suppliments, not something that’s been around for years and can be purchased at every corner gas station.


They have and it was discontnued. I believe it was because not enough people bought it. Cheap creatine is abundantly available everywhere already.

Creatine is simple. Just about any decent company can make it cheaply. Biotest is into making stuff that is complicated, that you can’t get anywhere else.