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Creatine and Soreness? Bulking Training?


Just after some info , i have been training for about a month now but get very sore after i lift. Will taking creatine before/after help? have herd mixed things.
Also i am trying to bulk at the moment so is it better to do less reps of more weight or the same but more sets?



If you;re training hard (which you should be) its gonna hurt the next day and probably another few after that, even on creatine. Just man up a bit and get it done, this is what seperates us from people like Bob. Reps and sets depends on your goal.


Its called conditioning and your body will get used to the workouts and soreness will reduce. It only becomes a problem if you fail to improve in some way (reps/weight/rest time) on your previous session. If you get weaker you’re not fueling yourself properly or working with far too much volume. Soreness is a by product it is not the goal of a session.


Creatine could be a good thing for you but I don’t think it’s generally used for recovery. Getting lots of protein and sleep will help, but like it was already said, it’ll get better as you train more.

As for rep range, just lift hard whatever you do, anywhere in the 6-12 range is probably good, just make sure every workout you lift more (reps or weight).


Yeah creatine might help. As gmoore said getting lots of protein (at least 1gram per pound of bodyweight, more if bulking) and lots of sleep (at least 8 hours) will help. Making sure you warm up and cool down is important too.

As for rep ranges, lower is better for strength. As a beginner who has been working out for a month strength is THE most important thing. I personally stick to 5-8 reps, for 3-5 sets.

Hope this helps.


thanks everyone , much appreciated.