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Creatine and Sick

Hi everyone. I’m feeling as if I’m about to catch the flu or some cold and I’ve been taking Phosphagen HP for two weeks now. If I do get worse and can’t lift for 3 or 4 days should I continue to take the creatine once per day (in the morning) even though I won’t be lifting those days? Thanks.


Hey, there, pdawg!

It probably wouldn’t do you any damage if you decided to continue taking creatine while you’re sick, but my vote goes with giving your body a break and picking it back up once you start back to the gym.

Taking creatine won’t help build or maintain muscle while you’re sick. It’s greater benefit lies in creating a physiological environment conducive to increasing strength.

Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better soon! Being sick sucks!

Thanks very much for the response. I just figured it would be of benefit this way I wouldn’t have to do a loading phase again. If I stopped taking the creatine for say 4 days, when I hit the gym back again I would have to start with a loading phase and so on. Thanks again .


Hmm, there is an article on here somewhere talking about how slowly you lose your creatine load and whether or not you ever need to bother loading.

In short, for a few days off, don’t worry about it.

that sounds lika newbie to creatine.Loading phase crap is all a marketing gimmick,all that talk about creatine pool saturation doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.You could take a break and start where you left,when your sick don’t strain ya system.Be sensible take it easy .

taking just 5 grams each day will reach a saturation point after 30 days

so loading phase is idd crap !
when i was 16 i went to nutrition shops and they told me everything bout loading 8 days with coca cola? (for sugars) well ofcourse it didn’t work …

now taking 5 grams for 3 weeks now and i notice a lot more effect on my body than when i was ‘loading’ …

just drink yer water! :wink:

I wouldn’t advise taking Phophagen HP if you’re not lifting. Whats that stuff have, like 75 grams of sugar per serving?