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Creatine and Saunas

sorry but this may be a STUPID question…

ive recently started taking creatine but also love to relax in the sauna after a good workout, if the creatine holds water in the body I take it I should NOT be using the sauna as that sweats out the bodys stored water???

thanks neil.

Doesn’t matter. Keep going in the sauna if you like it. Make sure you drink plenty of water because you can cramp if you are dehydrated.

Think you are overthinking it. Just keep hydrated and don’t go in the sauna too soon before sessions. Doubt it will cause any issue as long as you eat and hydrate well.

You take 2-3 g per day. Solubility of Creatine is 17 g/l, which means if you take in ~180 ml of water with your 3 g of creatine, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Been doing both for years, no issues. Just drink lots of water.

What is the point of going into a sauna after working out??

Sounds a little silly to me.


[quote]theBird wrote:
What is the point of going into a sauna after working out??[/quote]

Fun, muscle relaxation, detoxification, etc. It also provides something like a mild cardiovascular workout.

I hate hot weather and going to the sauna regularly makes it a little more bearable for me.

[quote]derf wrote:
Just drink lots of water.[/quote]

And don’t go overboard…

Don’t jerk off in the sauna or you will lose all of your gains.