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Creatine and Power Drive

I just wanted to know if there was any reason it was unsafe to take creatine and powerdrive together. Obviously not in the same comtainer…but one right after another.

No, it’s fine. But generally speaking you take PD before training and creatine is best taken after so I don’t think you’d be mixing them in the same glass.

Ill be taking creatine before AND after a workout per the directions.

Are you loading? And are you taking plain white powdered creatine or one of those sugar filled flavored powders?

Most experts agree these days that the sugar stuff isn’t necessary and that taking 5 grams or so of regualr creatine after training is ideal. Most also don’t think loading is needed anymore although many supplement makers still suggest it so you’ll use up more product and have to buy more.

There’s an old article at T-mag on this, Creatine Myths or something like that. You may want to look it up.