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Creatine and Orange Juice


What effects does orange juice have on creatine? I remember reading something about certain drinks shouldn't be consumed or it might affect the effects of the creatine. But it doesn't say anything about those drinks on the creatine I'm taking now so I asked to be sure.


I believe is has something to do with insulin levels when taken with orange or grape juice.

I've read in a few places that caffeine complicates things, but that's probably just myth.


What you're thinking is that creatine is unstable and breaks down into creatinine when kept in citric acid...but this isn't a problem. With creatine RTDs, if the product is preserved with citric acid, then the creatine sits in citric acid for weeks and weeks...that destroys it.

If the stuff sits in orange juice for 2 seconds or however long it takes for you to drink a full glass of the stuff...not so much a problem. If you prefer orange juice w/ creatine, I see where you come from. The thick pulp makes you not even notice the graininess of the creatine...good stuff.


i hear that it is recomended to take supplements with citric juices becuase the citric juices are so readily absorbed by the body that if taken with a supplement then it to will also be absorbed faster. take this with a grain of salt becuase im acually curious to know if this is a correct statement.


I looked it up. It has nothing to do with citric juices or any juices for that matter.

According to some articles I've read... the fructose, glucose, or just simple carbs will increase your insulin levels and the creatine is absorbed more efficiently into your skeletal muscles.

I guess that's why dextrose (insulin mimicker) is recommended to be taken with creatine.


Thanks guys. Appreciate your help. :smiley: I really love orange juice as its the best drink that school has to offer. I don't really put creatine inside of the orange juice but I had to be really sure that drinking the juice won't negate any effects of it. Now I can drink it and not worry so much.