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Creatine and Orange Juice

Why not? Does it REALLY make a difference?

I know there’s been an article lately stating it wouldnt change a damn thing, I’d just like your opinions

As long as it’s not sitting in there for a long time, I can’t see it making that much of a difference. To be on the safe side, just use grape juice.

Long story short, acid supposedly converts it to creatinine (mildly toxic), however I feel like that fear is overblown (unless creatine + OJ is in your water bottle for hours at a time).

i was always told to stay away from anything acidic when taking creatine. THe acidity would destroy the absorption of the creatine.

but, a good amount of creating powders consist of acidic mixes-lemon lime, orange, etc…

dunno if its myth or fact.

i personally scoop up my amount then dump it right into my mouth, followed by downing 8oz of water and eating an apple. I hate mixing it with anything cuz it always sticks to the sides of the cup. my way has worked for me, maybe it’ll be good for you?

to each their own

i don’t understand how acid would effect it. your stomach acid is highly acidic, if you put a teaspoon in orange juice and drink it straight away i dont see how it would have any negative effect

I love mixing creatine in my chocolate protein shake.