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Creatine and NO Cycling with Training

Hi Guys

I currently train on an 8 on, 1 off cycle. Based on this how should i cycle creatine and N.O (Jack3d) to fit into this cycle?

If i follow the standard creatine cycle of 8 on, 4 off the next cycle will end up starting half way through my training cycle so it gets all messed up

Or should my training cycle be different to coincide with my supplement cycle?



Wait, cycling creatine?

Perfect N.O cycle 8 off, 1 off repeat.
Dont cycle creatine (why would you need to? its very cheap)

N.O cycle : 1 day on, 70years off, repeat

WTF? Some of these threads amaze me. Where did you get the idea that:
A) Creatine needed to be cycled and
B) NO should be taken, ever.

I’m just going off what I’ve read and heard about creatine from many sources. every source says the same thing, you should cycle off it. some says 2 weeks some say 4 weeks but all conclude that you should cycle off it

same as NO otherwise after a wile you lose the effectiveness of it because your body becomes more tolerant to it