Creatine and Military Training

Hey folks!

I’m a prospective USMC Officer Candidate. I’m interested in building some size, so I am ofcourse looking at beginning to supplement with creatine.

That being said, candidates at OCS are not allowed to take supplements of any kind. I have also heard reports that people who go off of creatine see a decrease in muscular endurance – something I definitely want to avoid.

Any experience with going off of creatine, and any ensuing loss of size and/or endurance? Any knowledge about how this might effect performance at OCS?


As a veteran, my thought is to immediately start whey & egg protein to get whatever gains I could make. That way when questioned I could honestly explain that the only thing I used was a protein drink. Folks not knowing what creatine was would not be concerned. I think this is very important to just getting final approval and into the training program. Good luck, you will be pleased with yourself many years into the future.

Men who do not join and experience military life, have no idea what they are missed out on…

Probably everyone on this website has used creatine. Whenever I would stop using it I can’t say I noticed endurance reduction but I do recall arm size dropping a bit and a slight reduction of muscle hardness. USMC officer candidate school should provide a diet with enough naturally occurring creatine for what you’ll be facing. Strive to be in the best shape of your life when you enter the program.

I applaud your decision about the military, and I think the Marines are a good choice. Military discipline can be beneficial, but the ego trips there are all over the place. Keep that in mind. Good luck to you.


If creatine increases muscle endurance by increasing energy supply, you should lose endurance if you stop taking it. But, you should really only return to the level you?d be without ever taking it.