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Creatine and Liver/Kidneys?

Now i know this has been done to death, and its generally safe to say that creatine is fine to take.

But what about dosage in excess of 10g/day? every day? your kidneys and liver have to flush all that out.

I’m 22 years old and still have arguments with my dad about creatine, he works with a guy who used it and now have liver and kidney problems. i told him he was probably eating spoonfuls of it every day.

currently ill take about 5g only on training days, i don’t see how this could hurt my liver of kidneys, but it’s hard to sound credible without journals or papers of studies, i looked on pubmed but didn’t really find anything.

me: 5g, 3-4 times a week
other guy:5g x 4 x every day
difference? im betting yes

Berardi advocates up to 20g a day, (morning, peri workout, night) when bulking.

other people say to cycle it

are we using too much creatine? perhaps all you need is 3-5g a day every day.

Yes its been done to death but there hasn’t really been a consensus on it

once again… sorry for flogging a dead horse, basically im saying:

5g a day is perfectly fine

what would 5x that do? are there effectS of just gobbing spoonfuls of the shit.

Any creatine that you consume that your body doesn’t use is excreted through your urine. And like you said, this guy probably took a lot more than he should have and in the process, damaged his liver and/or kidneys. However, who is to say that those problems didn’t exist beforehand?

The thing is, don’t worry about taking creatine. It won’t harm you if you take it moderately. 20g a day seems like a lot, but spread out over the course of the day, it doesn’t seem like it would cause that much problems, if any. When I take creatine, I take 10g for the first week or two, then lower it to 5g after that. When I have creatine in supply (I’m poor now), I always took it. I figure that if it’s in your brain, taking it can’t hurt.